You have a company that is looking to save money and increase your bottom line. One of your biggest expenses is fuel, and we are here to help. By joining our program, you get FREE GreenWing skirts installed on your fleet. 

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Your Free GreenWing Skirt

Spend Nothing; Save Big

Take advantage of Ridgecorp‘s state of the art GreenWing patented technology,
with no risk and no cost to you.1

We understand that your company has overhead costs, and nothing can be more frustrating than a variable expense whose price fluctuates as much as that of diesel. That is why we are offering this completely free device to keep more money in your pocket. 

Unlike other companies who make you buy the skirt and offer free installation, we provide the whole package: Free GreenWing skirts, install, maintenance, replacement. All we require is that our company put advertising on the skirt! After 36 months, you own the skirt outright! It’s that simple.

Save diesel with your Free Greenwing skirts

Save Fuel; Save Money

How does a savings of up to $81202 per trailer over 3 years sound? Here’s how:

  • Avoid the cost of buying the skirts ($1500)
  • No installation fees ($500)
  • Reduce your fuel bill by 6%. If you drive 100,000 KM/Year, you’ll save $20403 per year. In 3 years, that’s $6120!

With a fleet of 10 trailers, that’s a savings of $81,200 in 3 years!

Earn cash after 36 months with our free greenwing skirts

Earn Cash Every Month

We’re not done yet! Once you’ve been with us for 3 years, you become a Platinum Client. You’ll be able to earn up to 10%4 of the monthly revenue generated through the advertisements on your truck. That means each of your trailers can earn up to $750/year!


How It Works

It’s easy to get started! 

  1. Click here to sign up. The form takes under 1 minute to fill out, and only requires basic company information.
  2. Our representatives will phone you shortly to go over your information and give you the necessary paperwork.
  3. We will install the Free GreenWing skirts on your trailers as soon as we have matched an advertisement to it. 
  4. For 36 months, we take care of any damaged or worn out skirts, at absolutely no cost to you.
  5. After 36 months are up, you own the skirts outright. No strings attached. 


  1. There is no cost to trailer owners for their GreenWing Skirts. The skirt, installation, and repairs are covered by AeroAds for the 36 months. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions.
  2. This number is an estimation based off certain fuel prices, driving kilometres, and other factors. It is not a guaranteed value. This is not a cash savings.
  3. Based off a 6% fuel saving bill, diesel price at $1.00CAD/L, over 100,000km highway driving at 34L/100km fuel efficiency. Your results may vary.
  4. 10% is the maximum potential earnings available. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions.