Everyone saves with our fuel efficient advertising. Whether you want to advertise something or you haul your own trailer, you are helping to reduce emissions, save the environment, and make for a greener tomorrow!

Our Mission

 Is to help create a greener tomorrow by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through cost-effective means. AeroAds is also focussed on making roads safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.

We want to transform the roadways by providing FREE aerodynamic and safety upgrades to transport vehicles all over the world. We believe that a few small changes, compounded over millions of vehicles, can make a huge difference.


Make a Greener Tomorrow by removing Co2 in the air

Reducing CO2 levels is one of our biggest goals. There are millions of trucks on the road. By reducing fuel consumption by 6%, we are helping to save 2,040L of fuel per truck annually!

Side underride protection

Side underride protection is extremely important. Not having it installed is a needless safety risk. When legislation mandates the protection, we will be there to upgrade our contracted trailers, for free. 

Pristine roads. Our visions of a greener tomorrow

We are keeping advertisements off the side of the road. We want to eliminate ugly billboards and flashing road signs. Let’s keep the Earth pristine, by keeping ads in the boundaries of the road.

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Litres of Diesel Saved To Date
A truck driving through pristine mountains. A Greener Tomorrow.

Part of the Government of Canada’s Environmental mandate is to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by heavy-duty vehicles over the coming years. To do our part, we created our “Greener Tomorrow” campaign. It is aimed at reducing fuel consumption by semi-trucks. We are striving to get fuel efficient upgrades onto as many trucks as we can.

Our Greener Tomorrow campaign has a goal of saving 1 million litres of diesel by 2025. This may seem lofty, but in reality, it is far more attainable than you may think. On average trucks can easily travel 100,000km in a year. With help from our partners at Ridgecorp, our GreenWing skirts can save a truck 2,040L of diesel over that distance. To get to 1 million litres of diesel saved, we only need 62 ads posted each year over this 8 year period.

See how our Greener Tomorrow initiative can help your company save a serious amount of fuel. 

As an advertiser, you can feel an immense sense of satisfaction, knowing you are a direct part of our Greener Tomorrow campaign. Check out the multiple benefits of joining our movement!