Ads are at the core of any successful business. Getting your message, product, or service out to the world is how you make your money. Our ad structure provides a fresh, visible, and cost-effective way to reach more customers.

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Why Our Method Is Awesome

Take a look at some of our innovative advertising features. Sign up for yourself and see why hundreds of companies are switching their advertising to AeroAds!

Child looking at Aero Ads out the window
Right At Eye Level

Each ad panel has an usable area of 15ft by 2ft, which gives a billboard-sized ad right at eye level!

When a motorist passes a transport truck, their eyes immediately glance at the undercarriage every single time. Our ads are placed in this exact location.

In addition to the driver viewing the ads, there are also totally captive passengers who gaze out the window over 91% of the time!

GPS map data to track your ads
Track Your Ads

Your ad is most useful when you can see analytics. The internet is saturated with ads that do not convert. This is new territory!

We can give you analytical data on: the time of day your ad is on the move, its geographic location, the route it takes, the estimated number of people that have seen your ad per day. 

Heavy traffic means your ads are seen more!
More Traffic, More Impressions

Roads are only getting more congested, which is good news for your ads! Every time there is a traffic jam your ads are seen for lengths of time far greater than TV commercials, bill boards, or internet ads. 

These are ads that can’t be turned-off, muted, or ad-blocked. Whenever your ads are on the road, they will have a 100% view-rate.

Free Repairs/Ad Swap

We know that having an ad that is clean, in good condition, and legible correlates with brand perception.

Every month, we do inspections to make sure your ad is in good repair, free from large scuffs or tears. 

There is also a monthly add-on to keep your ad clean from the elements (see below)


How We Can Help Promote Your Ads

We have a variety of ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your ads

Analytics Report for your ads

Advanced Analytics

Some of our tiers give you a monthly report detailing your ads’ routes, cost per mile, calculated impressions (based on route data and government traffic data), geographic targeting, ad optimization and more! 

We provide you with the powerful analytics of social media ads, with the visibility of mobile billboards!


an example of our ads

Ad Swap

We know that keeping your ad campaign fresh is key to your marketing success. Here’s how we help:
  • 6 Month Term: No Ad Swap
  • 12 Month Term: 1 FREE Ad Swap1
  • 24 Month Term: 3 FREE Ad Swaps1
  • 36 Month Term: 5 FREE Ad Swaps1
  • our colourful and vibrant ads

    100% Recyclable, 100% Beautiful

    Our ads are made out of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is an extremely weather-resistant material that is 100% recyclable. It is also 100% PVC-free!

    We are also using HP Latex Ink Technology which is a water based ink. It produces vibrant colours that are UV stable, without the negative environmental consequences of oil-based ink. 

    NeverWet Super-hydrophobic coating for your ads

    Super-Hydrophobic Coating

    Upgrade to our monthly protection plan.

    We thoroughly clean then spray your ads with Never Wet® which stops dirt, mud, salt brine, snow, and ice from building up on your ads.



    Our pricing structure allows you to choose the experience that suits your needs best. Don’t miss how you can save BIG!


    Basic Tier Logo for Ads


    • 1 banner ad graphic (same ad on both sides of the trailer) 
    • Basic quality PET material
    • Standard Route Data
    • Estimated Impressions


    Mid Tier Logo for Ads


    • 1 banner ad graphic (same ad on both sides of the trailer) 
    • High-Quality UltraFlex PET material
    • GPS route data
    • Calculated Impressions


    Premium Tier Logo for Ads


    • 2 banner ad graphics (different ad on each side of the trailer) 
    • High-Quality UltraFlex PET material
    • Advanced GPS route data
    • Calculated Impressions
    • Detailed Analytic breakdown (CPM, Geographic targeting, ad optimization report)
    • Super-Hydrophobic coating standard

    Ways to Save BIG

    We know that every dollar counts. We have ways to save you a lot of your hard-earned cash when advertising with us. We offer massive discounts for bulk ad purchases over the 10 ad minimum, as well as discounts for longer terms (over the 6 month minimum).
    Something special: Our discounts STACK!3 How awesome is that?

    When you sign up, let one of our representatives know that you want to save BIG!


    A Comparison Against Other Forms Of Advertising


    • Analytics: Information presented to you in a useful manner to help make better advertisements.
    • Customer Targeting: The ability to target certain demographics, socio-economic status, and age groups with your ads.
    • Customer Retention: The ability for a potential customer to remember your ad.
    • Customer Saturation Point: The point at which a customer no longer responds to your ad. This is from being shown too many ads in the same manner (pop-ups, flyers, etc.) and being targeted at the wrong time.


    1. See our Terms and Conditions for a complete qualification for the term free.
    2. Pricing/savings/promotions subject to change without notice.
    3. See terms and conditions regarding stacking discounts
    4. Not Used
    5. Billboard rate based on $395/m + 2400 vinyl print fee (for 2 ads to be comparable with our 12 month plan), Newsprint rate from here, Social media rate from here.